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February 8, 2006
by Joe Lawler

Debbie -- make that Deborah -- Gibson had a string of hits in the 1980s that included "Only in My Dreams," "Lost in Your Eyes" and "Shake Your Love." But then the '90s came and put pop on hold for about half a decade.

During that time, Gibson continued to record and act on Broadway. She's currently featured on the Fox show "Skating with Celebrities" and contributed two tracks to the O'Neill Brothers album "Someone You Love." She spoke to Juice last week from Los Angeles.

How did you get involved with the O'Neill Brothers?

"They called my mom. They were just really ambitious sounding, and we loved that. We checked out their music, and I'm a pianist, so I'm obviously a piano fan. It seemed like a good fit."

You perform a new version of your hit "Lost in Your Eyes" on "Someone You Love." Will you be doing any of your other songs with the O'Neill Brothers?

"We're going to be doing some. I want to talk to them about maybe doing "Foolish Beat." We haven't started our dates yet, but my goal is to be pretty spontaneous and feel it out and see what the audience wants. We're going to be doing my song "Two Young Kids," which not a lot of people heard, but it's one of my favorite songs."

Was learning to ice skate harder than you expected?

"I expected it to be hard. I was not delusional in the least bit. Being someone who has studied voice, piano, technique and acting, I have the ultimate respect for technical skills like that. I was such a beginner. We're talking rental skates around holiday time.

Any major bruises or injuries?

"It's funny, I didn't get the more glamorous bruises. I had my moments. I was definitely at the physical therapist and had ice packs on. I didn't get dramatic over any of that. I fully expected it. You can't expect not to fall."

About five years ago you told USA Today, "I'm not comfortable with showing everyone everything." Last year you posed for Playboy. What made you overcome that fear?

"Times change and people change. One thing I've learned is you might proclaim something one year, and feel different next year. The hardest part is allowing that change. After doing "Gypsy," "Cabaret" and "Chicago," which are aggressive, sexual roles, the photo shoot idea seemed tame.

The nudity didn't even faze me. Whose boobs and booty haven't we seen at this point? You look at Lindsay Lohan in "Vanity Fair," you basically see everything. It was another creative outlet for me. When I was taking the pictures, I was more concerned with the look on my face than how my body looked.

Special to Juice
Deborah Gibson will play 7:30 p.m. Thursday.
Deborah Gibson and the O'Neill Brothers
Where: Sheslow Auditorium in Old Main, Drake University, 25th Street and University Ave.
When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday
Tickets: $27.50 through Info: 277-3727



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