Celebrate America

Celebrate America CD
2 CD Set
Let freedom ring with this 35-song collection of beautiful patriotic favorites.

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" It's nice to hear a patriotic CD that you can listen to as background music at home. It doesn't have loud marches, but still all the familiar patriotic melodies. What a great find!" - Sue, Austin, TX

" What a beautiful keepsake of music honoring the great country in which we live! Thank you for adding your special touch to these great songs!"Kathy R, Beatrice, NE

""Celebrate America" was a great CD to have over the past 4th of July holiday -love the variety of music. Great to have as are all the other O'Neill Brothers CDs. Enjoy every one of them." Betty, Lincoln, NE

"Beautiful! Comforting and stirring at the same time! I played this CD for my Red Hat Ladies at a 4th of July get together in my home and everyone enjoyed the change of pace. Thank you to the O'Neill Brothers! I love ALL your cd's!" - Mara, Arlington, TX

"Love the CD...My husband is retired from the military and I love the Patriotic songs plus you do an awesome job on the piano. I met you first time at the big craft show in Sioux Falls, SD..have purchased several of your CD's there for myself or as gifts for my son, he loves your music as well." - Carol, Archer, IA

"I purchased the "Celebrate America" CD just in time for the 4th of July. My husband and I have been enjoying it ever since!" - A fan from New Ulm, MN

"Enjoyed listening to your latest CD while working in my home office. It's always great to hear songs that I have never heard before. I will be playing it in my car later." - Frances, Brandon, MS

"You guys do FANTASTIC things. I play piano and organ in church and you are just "my style"!! Nice arrangements of beautiful favorites." - Linda, Pipestone, MN

"I volunteer at a senior citizens' breakfast each month. I bring the music. I brought "Celebrate America" to the last breakfast-- the seniors absolutely loved the music!! The music provided a nice relaxing atmosphere to the festivities. I have several of your CD's and I will share more of your music at their breakfasts in the future." - Janna, Farmington, NY

"A wonderful collection of old-tyme patriotic songs. A really great CD set masterfully done! Makes perfect background music for dinner, relaxation, and those times you want to feel proud of being American. You might actually be singing along on occasion to these familiar patriotic tunes." - anonymous

"I first came to know the Oneil Brothers by meeting, I believe, Tim at a craft sale at the Canterbury site. The music is so "soothing" to me. The "Celebrate America" disc is one favorite of mine. Of course all the cds I have hold a special spot in my musical heart. They bring back many memories, all joyful. Please continue your playing for many years to come. I only wish I could play the piano as great as you..... god bless you both." - Susan, Coon Rapids, MN

"This CD is GREAT!!! I love every minute of it. I will surely buy more CD's created by the O'Neill Brothers. Thank you so much for this beautiful piano music. - Jessica, Falls Church, VA

"Your music is so pure-Truly touching and reaching the listening audience. Listening at home or in the car just takes your mind and emotions to a serene & reflective place. The patriotic theme of this CD makes me proud of our American heritage. Thank you for your support of being able to contribute to a cause that is so much a part of our lives. Please continue the work of the wonderful Gift that has been given to you and thank you for blessing us! - Mr. & Mrs. Gosselin, Berlin, NH

""God Bless America"...and God Bless You! I wrote in twice asking about a patriotic CD and here it is! It seems that others wanted it too! Now my grandchildren will learn all the songs I learned as a child...unfortunately, these songs seem to have disappeared from our schools. PLEASE promote this to teachers and school personnel! Thank you, thank you...my order is on its way!" - Madeline, Battle Creek, MI

"I have been waiting for you to record a patriotic CD for a long time and it's finally here! I ordered it immediately when I saw it advertised and love every song! Thank you for the beautiful collection of music." - Barb, Lincoln, NE

"I found it moving to hear the "Star Spangled Banner" played with such emotion and beauty. At this time of war and with our country losing precious young women and men every day it reminds us of the pride and gratitude we have in those who defend our freedoms. Your music has inspired our art students to make some very artistic red, white and blue art strokes. We play only your music in our studio. We find that the calm and serenity it produces opens the doorway to creativity for all ages. Thank You! - The entire student body of RRKids Creative Art, Sioux City, IA

"It's nice to hear a patriotic CD that you can listen to as background music at home. It doesn't have loud marches, but still all the familiar melodies. What a great find!" -Sue,Austin, TX