O'Neill Brothers' Music Hits Prime Time TV


New Prague natives Tim and Ryan O'Neill, known in music circles as The O'Neill Brothers, have a new genre of music on their minds this October-crime-solving melodies for the CBS hit drama, "Cold Case."

The nationally-acclaimed pianists have sold nearly 2 million copies of their piano music CDs. Their music has been featured on HBO's "Sex and the City," and has received an Emmy-nomination for a locally-produced PBS special.

So why did a Los Angeles-based music producer seek out the peaceful piano music of The O'Neill Brothers for the crime drama series?

Music supervisor, Jenee DeAngelis, said "the emotion of the music" appealed to her. "This story is based in 1951 about the death of a military man who in the end is finally able to have a proper burial," DeAngelis says. After searching through iTunes, she came across The O'Neill Brothers' version of "Taps" from their collection of 35 patriotic and early American songs, "Celebrate America."

"I wanted a song that was associated with the military, but something more than just a bugle call-something more fluid and emotional," she says. "The musical element-the pace and tempo of this song fit the end montage perfectly."

Music is an important component of the show. The CBS series resurrects previously unsolved murders from decades ago, using new science and fresh clues to solve the case. Each episode shows re-enactments of the victims' final days to evoke the time period and often uses music to enhance the era. These flashbacks give the show a realistic edge, which has made the series stand out among the pack of crime dramas.

"We're excited to be part of such a great show," says Tim O'Neill. "We've had our music on television before, but never in a drama quite like this."

The O'Neill Brothers' music segment will be featured in the final two minutes of the show on CBS Sunday, Oct 26, at 8 p.m. (CST).

The O'Neill Brothers will also be performing live on two pianos with Katie McMahon, the original voice of Riverdance, as part of a 10-city Christmas tour. For more information go to www.pianobrothers.com, call 952-758-9300, or visit their office at 111 Main Street West in New Prague.