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    Spirit of Notre Dame

    2 CD Set

    Coming Home CD

    "The monumental 'Spirit of Notre Dame Campaign' was a total ND Family effort resulting in the most successful fund-raising drive in Notre Dame's history.  To celebrate its conclusion we wanted to express the emotions of campus through these two CDs - Celebration: rousing and upbeat ND songs, & Reflections: new songs that capture the most spiritual side of ND.  Thank you O'Neill Brothers for producing these songs that are truly wonderful and truly a 'Notre Dame' musical experience."

    - Dan Reagan, Executive Director
    of the $2.0B Spirit Campaign 

    For more stories behind the songs, click here


    (Click song for sample - may take 10 seconds) Trouble

    Celebration - Songlist
    1. What Are You Fighting For?
    Emily Lord '96
    2. Luck and Angels
    Kat Quinn '10
    3. Irish in the Yard
    John Tabis 00 and Ken O'Malley
    4. Irish Soul
    Don Savoie and
    Hugh R. Page, Jr.,
    5. The Mermaid
    Kevin Short '78
    6. Irish, Oh Irish
    William J. O'Connor '74
    7. Wearin' of the Green
    Performed by The Notre Dame Bagpipe Band
    8. Here Come the Irish (Rock Anthem)
    Graham Hannan
    9. Warriors
    Jeffery Stephens '07 and Lawrence Santiago '05
    10. Saturday at ND
    Robert William Lamm (of the Band 'Chicago')
    11. Brown Eyed Girl
    Members of the Fifth Harmonic singing group were    
    Michael Lazzara '97          Michael Peppard '98
    Michael Anderson '97       Joseph Wycoco '97     
    Seth Miller '97                   Mark Roschewski '97
    12. Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries
    Edward S. Thomas, Jr.
    13. Loyal Sons
    Pat McKillen '10
    14. Up the Black River
    Chris Reagan '80
    15. The Wild Domer
    John Kennedy '79, '91 and Joe Dolan '84
    16. Our Day Will Come
    Thomas More Scott '99
    17. Our Lady of the Lake
    John Scully '80 and Jim Tullio
    18. With All Your Heart (Believe)
    Tim Stopulos
    19. Here Come the Irish
    John Scully '80 and Jim Tullio

    Reflections - Songlist
    1. O Magnum Mysterium
    Patrick Quigley
    2. Prayer of St. Francis
    Anne Heaton '94
    3. The Gate
    Cletus "Mickey" Kennelly '84
    4. Back to South Bend
    Chris Goddard '00
    5. Notre Dame's Prayer to a Guardian Angel
    Roberta Lee Halladay '74
    6. Too Rah Loo Rah Loo Rah
    Regis Philbin '53 and Tim O'Neill '94
    7. Flits and Sallies
    Rich Pagen '92
    8. A Galway Farewell
    Rudy Hornish '59
    9. Oh Sister
    Josephine Cameron '00 and Anthony Walton '82
    10. She Moved Through the Fair
    Brendan Hanehan '07,'10 and Nick McCollum '09
    and John Strong '09
    11. With All Your Heart (Believe)
    Tim O'Neill '94
    12. In Her Name
    Jessica Brock '05, '10 and '11 Paul Maich '72
    13. Peace
    Lisa Gail Murray '80
    14. Grateful
    James Casto '96