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One - The O'Neill Brothers

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Quaker Hymne - Traditional/Lord of the Dance

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On Eagle's Wings - Joncas


Nearer My God to Thee - Mason


Carpe Unum - The O'Neill Brothers

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Journey to Him - The O'Neill Brothers


Old Rugged Cross - Bennard

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Dona Nobis Pacem - Mozart

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Let There Be Peace On Earth - Jackson & Miller


Come, Come Ye Saints - Later Day Saints Hymn


Hatikva - Jewish Folk Melody


Jesus, Remember Me - Berthier

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The Water is Wide - Traditional Celtic Melody

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How Great Thou Art - Hine


Were You There - Traditional Spiritual


One - The O'Neill Brothers

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"Wonderful to hear some of the "old traditionals" played in such a lovely, soothing style. I listen the most at work and truly enjoy the stress relief and atmosphere your music creates." - Theresa, Collins, IA

" This CD contains some of the best music I think has been recorded. GREAT CD - hope everyone buys this CD for daily reflections!" - Melissa, AL

""ONE" - Just love it - especially "On Eagle's Wings"! What a beautiful song: this is why I purchased the CD and now am really enjoying many of the other songs too!" - Donna, Dunedin

"While attending a craft show this past weekend, there was the most pleasant music playing in the background. As I perused the various exhibits, the music kept grabbing my attention and I finally found the display of your CDs. I promptly purchased the CD which was currently playing "Let There Be Peace On Earth" from your spiritual CD. I tearfully made my way to the checkout counter. What a find!" - Linda - Coon Rapids, MN

"While passing through a store in South Bend, IN, I heard some beautiful music was many of my favorite gospel songs. I bought the CD "One" before I left the store and have played it constantly both in my car and at home. Thanks for the special songs...I've told my husband I want this CD played for my funeral some day--although I'm not ready to go yet. God Bless!" - Richelle, St. Joseph, MI

"I love all of these relaxing CDs because they are so soothing. I go to sleep with this CD every night." - Melinda; Chesapeake, VA

"When I listened to the CD "One" the first time I was moved by the beautiful piano music, I knew instantly that I would listen to this CD while driving and also when I exercise outside. The song titled "One" that appears at both the beginning and end of the CD is so moving, inspiring, unique and beautiful. The blend of the first song "One" in to song #2 "Quaker Hymn/Lord of the Dance" is very surprising and creative. I highly recommend this CD to others." - Denise ,Seattle, WA

"I'm so glad I found your site! I bought "One" and "Look Within" while in Seattle for surgery. I heard the music on a player piano in JCPenney and thought, "They'll let me listen to that in the hospital." I hardly got to listen, all of the nurses asked what I was listening to, so I had to tell them. "One" especially helped me during my treatment and has been a true blessing ever since then. GUARANTEED- you will be more than completely satisfied with this album." - Alan; Fairbanks, AK