The O'Neill Brothers' Lullaby Music

The LA Times has called The O'Neill Brothers' lullaby music "gentle graceful magic". Brooke Shields chose it as the background music for her latest audio book "Down Came the Rain". But don't take their word for it...close your eyes and listen for yourself. The O'Neill Brothers love putting babies...and their mom and dad...and sleep...


Fantastic review of our lullaby CDs

I learned about this CD when I was taking child birth classes. My son LOVES to sleep to this CD. He's now 16 months old and my first copy is worn out because I've played it so many times! My son just LOVES this CD so I am buying two to make sure I will always have a back-up!" - Tina L. - Kenosha, WI


"A couple of months ago a won this CD as a prize for an online baby contest. Now, my fussy baby boy will not sleep at night without it! It soothes him and quiets him daily. I wanted to say thank you for being so talented. You have given us badly needed sleep thanks to your music. I will let all my other mom friends know how much this has helped us." - Gina F. - Grafton, WI


"This is beautiful, soothing, elegant music. Favorite well known nursery rhymes and children's songs played on the piano. The arrangements are simple and yet much more complex than your average rendition of "Mary Has a Little Lamb." I highly recommend this for anyone with young children or any fan of piano music." - Christine; Chicago, IL


"This CD isn't just for babies - I am in my 70's and it's great for my nap time. I love it!" - Elva; Rocklin, CA


"I love this CD. I played it at the baby shower and everyday since my grandchild was born. It is soooo relaxing for him and me, and he looks forward to listening to it still at nap time." - Catherine; Michigan


"My 3 year old daughter has listened to this CD since she was about 4 months old. She will not let us change the CD to anything else. So, when our second daughter came along, we bought another CD so she listens to it every night as well. Now, my friend is going to have a baby at the end of March and I am going to buy this CD for her baby. It is wonderful!!!" - Victoria R. - Omaha, NE


"I received the Lullaby CD just before my son was born - almost 4 years ago. It got us through some difficult nights and is one of the few baby gifts which he still enjoys!" - Cheryl - Burnsville, MN


"We are expecting our first child in November. I could not imagine a more beautiful CD to lull our baby to sleep. I find this CD very relaxing myself. The piano music is the most beautiful I have ever heard. I plan to buy many more of the O'Neill Brothers collections." - Angela, TN


"I love this CD - I rock my 3 month old to sleep every night to it and listen to it myself through the baby monitors while I settle in!" - M Faust, MS


"I purchase this CD for my son and daughter in law as they are expecting our first grandchild. I only listened to it on your website but loved it. I know they are enjoying as well as the little one when it arrives. So soothing! Thanks for sharing your talents." - Carol, Archer, IA


"I have purchased the Sweet Dreams CD for two different friends who are having babies. I previewed the music first on the website and totally fell in love with it. Both of my friends have already begun playing the CD when they are resting so that when their babies are born, they will recognize the music. I truly believe this is one of the best lullaby cds available. What an awesome way to introduce children to the beautiful pure sounds of the piano." - Joyce, Oviedo, FL


"We started playing this lullaby CD for our 3 year old when she was about six months old. She has heard it almost every time she has gone to sleep. Now our 1 year old loves it too. We wore the first one out, so I am ordering another one. I am also ordering copies for friends that have just had babies. Far and away the best lullaby CD out there." - CDE, Kansas


"I read about this lullaby cd in one of the parent's magazine I receive monthly. I have a 4 month old who had colic. I tried every CD on the market. I finally decided to try this one and every time I have ever played this cd he falls to sleep within minutes. I would recommend this cd to anyone. I am purchasing additional copies I'm going to give it out as baby shower present." - Yolanda, Houston, TX


"I bought this CD for my pre-k class and I really loved it. When my stepdaughter and daughter had their babies it was a must to buy the CD for them. Keep doing what your doing, your music is very enjoyable!" - Lori, Keansburg, VA


"Even though I received this CD for my daughter's nursery, I love this CD! It is always in her CD player. Without fail, it soothes her to sleep. We also use the "Day to Remember" CD. Again, this is beautiful music to put my daughter to sleep." - Bridget, St. Paul, MN