Reviews for the CD "A Day to Remember vol. 2"

"I can't tell you how thankful I am to have found your website! I bought A Day to Remember minutes after hearing your beautiful music online. I used the CD for all of the music at my wedding was just perfect! Your music is so very wonderful, I would recommend it to any bride! Thanks again!" - Kate Bangor - ME

"I used selections from both "A Day to Remember" vol 1 & 2. The music was a perfect touch for our small intimate wedding. We used songs from Vol 1 before the service while the guess were arriving, then the wedding march from vol 2 when my father escorted me down the isle and Ode to Joy as we walked out of the church. Both of my pastors thought the music was wonderful also." - Robin, Jefferson, MD

"We came across these CD's when we were looking for music for our reception. We also ordered A Day to Remember and will be using them both for our ceremony. The music is lovley and so relaxing. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you! We will be back and have already referred friends!" – Jennifer, Dickson City, PA

"I have A Day to Remember I and II and absolutely love them! I am getting remarried very soon and these CDs will be perfect for the ceremony and the small reception following. I plan on buying more of your music in the near future. Thank you!!" – Nancy, Holiday, FL

"I used both Vol. 1 and 2 in my wedding. I simply choose selections from both CDs for my wedding day. They worked so well together. Since my sister used Vol. 1, I wanted to have some different songs. I fell in love with the peacefulness of the music at her wedding!" – Tara, St. Joseph, MO

"Dear O'Neill Brothers, Thank you for "A Day to Remember Vol II" ... this lovely album, in conjunction with Volume 1, is now a permanent part of my musical library. As a wedding planner, I am always looking for the right piece of music - I say to myself; "look no more, Barbara, as you have found precisely what you need, in both of these incredible musical compilations." Vols. A Day to Remember, I and II, exceed my expectations, and I heartily recommend buying both of these albums - they cover a wide range of music, and provide any piece a person could want for their wedding. Thank you again!" - Barbara

"The songs I picked from this cd are “How Beautiful”, my sister is singing “The Prayer”, The Wedding Song and finally “Hymne”. I think your music is moving and will be perfect for my day which is in 6 weeks time. I am delighted I found your website and will definitely pass it on to my friends." – Siobhan, Galway, Ireland

"I purchased this CD for my daughter's wedding. It was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! This CD made the wedding ceremony complete. Thank you." - Cindy, Rapid City, SD

"Thank you for the beautiful CD, A Day to Remember, Volume II. We had an outdoor wedding on July 9 for my daughter and played the entire CD. Other than the rain, the wedding and music was wonderful." – Mary, Albany, OR

"I absolutely love this CD. I bought Volume 1 of A Day to Remember and liked it so much that I figured I would go ahead and get Volume 2. I plan on using at least 7 songs from both of the CD's for my big day and possibly more. The music is absolutely beautiful!" – Rachel, West, TX

"Awesome addition to our collection!! Loved the first one, too!" – Linda, Pipestone, MN

"This cd is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I won't have live music during my ceremony, so I had to find the perfect CD and A Day To Remember Vol. 2 is it! I especially LOVE the Wedding March. Thanks!" – Kelly, Fort Washington, MD

"Combined with Volume 1, this CD beautifully brings together some of the classics played at weddings and a few new ones that are tastefully done. "I Can Only Imagine" and "How Beautiful" are two songs that make a nice addition to any wedding." - anonymous

"I order the wedding CD "A Day to Remember." The music is beautiful and I listen to it every day. It has really helped me plan for the music I would like to have played at my wedding this October. This is the best wedding CD I have come across. I'm already planning to order other CDs through the O'Neill Brothers. Thank you so much." - Katie C, Parkesburg, PA

"I have both cds "A Day to Remember" and "A Day to Remember vol. 2". We used both for our outside wedding and it was so gorgeous. The music put the perfect atmosphere into the perfect day! I would gladly recommend these cd's to anyone who has an upcoming wedding!" - Jessica, Nebraska

"This CD is awesome. I can't say enough how perfect the wedding was. I've been spreading the word to all my daughters’ freinds who are planning weddings now and everyone agrees.... this is the CD to have!" – Teri, Orange, TX

"My mom and I both love the CD. I purchased it to use in my wedding ceremony a couple weekends ago. We used, "A Wedding Song", "Canon in F", and "Hymne". It truly gave the wedding the tender feel I was looking for. Thanks!!" – anonymous

"My husband and I renewed our wedding vows on 25 Sept and we had selected tracks from A Day to Remember Vol 1 and 2 played before and during the ceremony. All our guests commented on the beautiful music and it added to what was a perfect day for us." – Vi, Kemnay, Inverurie, Scotland

"I recently hosted a bridal shower for my niece, and placed a copy of this CD in her guest room. She thoroughly enjoyed it, said it calmed her nerves, and that it was such a lovely remembrance of her bridal shower. Now I have to buy another one for my own daughter! (ND '03). Thank you for this beautiful makes a wonderful keepsake shower gift for special brides." - Theresa; Portland, OR


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