Reviews for the CD "A Day to Remember"


"With only a day to spare, I was in desperate search of a particular song for a wedding that I was DJ'ing for. The O'Neill Brothers came to my rescue by allowing me to download that one song I needed just in time for the wedding. Thank you so much!! You saved the day!" - Leann, Treasure Valley DJ Service

"I own an outdoor wedding facility in South Carolina. I found this CD collection by chance while browsing the internet for ceremony songs. I was overwhelmed by the enchanting music of these talented artists. We now offer these songs for our brides for their ceremonies and they could not be happier. They sound wonderful in our garden and everyone wants to know who the artists are. I can't wait for Volume II to arrive. I will be the first in line to purchase. Keep travelling this musical journey....God has truly blessed you with a wonderful talent! "  Cynthia P. - Central, SC

"I have only known about the O'Neill Brothers' music for two weeks. I knew the second I heard this music that it was what I'd walk down the aisle to...I was even in tears it was so beautiful...thank you." Alicia L. - Fenton, MI

"I have had A Day To Remember for 2 years and am finally getting married this year. I am planning to include many of the wonderful O'Neill Brothers' songs. This music is so enchanting, graceful and beautiful! I love it!" Burton C. - Kanawha, IA

"What a wonderful collection of wedding ceremony music and wedding reception music, Being both Christians, it truly made our wedding day A Day to Remember with the CD’s collection of Christian wedding music! Many of my friends were asking about the music and will be purchasing it for their own weddings. It not only made the wedding reception perfect, it is a CD collection that will always bring back memories of that day we married!" Sarah T, England

"Our wedding is in two weeks time and this CD will make the ceremony even more beautiful. I was struggling to find the right music for our special day. Normally I listen to chart music but have fallen in love with A Day To Remember. I am so pleased that I fell upon your website! If anyone is unsure about their wedding music, just sit back and listen to the CD! It sells itself." Nancy M. – Hamburg, NY

"I just learned about The O'Neill Brothers about a week ago. I was at a loss in finding the perfect wedding music for my ceremony and reception in September and I just happened to stumble on the website. I bought 4 CD's (ADTR, PS, LA, & LW...thanks for the buy 3 get one 1 free deal!) and it is exactly what my fiancé and I were looking for. Plus, it won't go to waste after the wedding because I LOVE this music and will listen to it all the time. Thanks SO much!!" Carrie & Vester A. - Bonaire, GA

"We purchased your wedding CD (A Day to Remember) for our wedding. It was the only version of Canon in D that both my fiancé and I liked! Beautiful CD!" Therese C. - Pittsfield, MA

"I received this CD quickly and found several songs on it that I can't wait to play during my wedding ceremony!" Erin M. - Bartlesville, OK

"I was originally looking for songs to play at my reception but ran across this album and have completely reworked the program to include most of the ones on this CD." Tara T. - Hendersonville, NC

"This is a very beautiful CD. I was very impressed with the sound quality of the music. You could play this at your wedding reception and no one would know that it wasn't live." Kristin G. - Birmingham, AL

"I was trying to find a CD to play at my wedding, and when I heard "A Day to Remember" I fell in love! The music is beautiful! I listen to it about every day! My wedding is Aug. 17th and I can't wait to play it there!! Thanks so much!!" Brianna R. - Duluth, MN

"I bought this CD to help find music for my wedding and I couldn't be happier with the purchase! The O'Neill Brother's music is soothing and beautiful - I love to listen to it all the time. Thanks for providing an excellent listening experience!!!" Sarah F. - Minneapolis, MN

"I just received A Day to Remember in the mail, and absolutely love the CD! It is composed of great songs, ones I will look at when my wedding day will come." Amanda P. - Chokio, MN

"I think that this album is sensational and the standard of music is brilliant. I have taken great inspiration from this CD and hope to write music as good as this." Gemma L. - Portsmouth, England

"I just purchased your CD "A Day to Remember". I put it on last night for the first time and played the CD for the next 5 hours. I am not planning a wedding, but I love the music you have chosen for the CD so I bought it. Listening to it makes me WANT to plan a wedding. The two songs that are your originals were fabulous! My 14 and 12 year old children loved the CD also. It is great for doing homework to. This is a must for any and everyone. Thanks for such a great CD." unknown

"A Day to Remember is such a beautiful CD. The songs are perfect for a wedding or to listen to any day. I love it! I'm so glad I bought for my wedding and now I have to enjoy forever!" -  Melanie - WI.

"I just received this cd for my daughters upcoming wedding and it is just beautiful! I can't wait to use it for her special day. Thanks for putting together such a great CD for weddings." Lori

"I was looking for a song to walk down the isle too, when I found your web page. I knew the minute I listened to 'The wedding song' I had found it. It made me cry! You have given me a song that moves me and will make that walk so special. Thank you thank you thank you!"  Mandy - Manchester, England

"I was looking for music to play during my wedding ceremony, and when I listened to the music trailors, I knew it was a must have, so I ordered it. The music is so beautiful I plan to use it for my ceremony as well as the prelude to the ceremony. Thank you so much for putting this beautiful music together!"  Valerie - Baltimore, MD.

"I bought this CD because I love piano music and wedding music. The CD is fabulous! I could listen to it all day." Kasey - WI.

"It is a wonderful collection of music. I just had to have it for my wedding after seeing it. I just got the CD the other day and listened the hole CD. It is just perfect for my wedding day. And living in Canada I could not believe how quickly I received it. Thank-you." Angela B. - British Columbia, Canada

"Our wedding is in two weeks time and this CD will make the ceremony even more beautiful. I was struggling to find the right music for our special day. Normally I listen to chart music but have fallen in love with A Day To Remember. I am so pleased that I fell upon your website! If anyone is unsure about their wedding music, just sit back and listen to the CD! It sells itself." – Sarah T, England

"The O’Neill Brothers' new CD 'A Day to Remember' is my absolute favorite bridal music collection. I've heard all of the wedding song CDs on the market today, and this one is by far the loveliest. I recommend it for weddings, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, background songs for wedding videos and personalized wedding websites, and wedding vow renewal ceremonies. The O'Neill brothers provide a masterful and inspiring soundtrack for your big day." - Sharon Naylor (author of 25 wedding books, including "Your Special Wedding Vows" and "Your Special Wedding Toasts)."

"Absolutely beautiful! I listened to many CDs at the music stores and only purchased A Day to Remember. Many people commented on my music selections at how beautiful and appropriate they were. Thank you for making this part of my ceremony so easy and a blessing for all!" – Denise, Chapel Hill, NC

"I recently ordered A Day to Remember and I absolutely LOVE IT! This is the best website because it allows you the option to hear samples of music on the CD. The music is absolutely beautiful for your wedding day! I've found the perfect music from this CD for my wedding day. Thank you!" - Rebecca, Indianapolis IN

"I was so excited when I found the one wedding cd with all of the most lovely, perfect wedding music. The O'Neill Brothers know how to put just the right songs together. Anything to make wedding planning easier is welcome!" – Carrie, Martine, CA

"The CD is full of great songs, and all of the arrangements are beautiful! I will definitely be using the Canon in D arrangement to walk down the aisle. I spent so many hours searching for the perfect version, and found it on this CD!" - Melissa, Rochester, NY

"I love the CD A Day to Remember. I found almost every song I needed for my wedding. The CD has many songs that I like to listen to daily. I would highly recommend this CD to anyone who is having trouble finding songs to play at their wedding and even to the people who know exactly what they want to play because it might make you change your mind." – Tracey, Shreveport, LA

"I had been looking for wedding music to use in our church for quite some time. This CD really fits the bill. Thanks for producing something that is really usable." - Tom C., La Plata, MD

"I knew right away when I heard samples of the songs on this website that I had to have the CD for my wedding. The piano music was perfect for the quaint church setting for our ceremony and we had many compliments from our guests. Some of my friends who were going to be married later in the year asked if they could borrow my copy as they thought the music was very romantic. Thank you O'Neill Brothers for making my wedding day special!" – anonymous

"I was looking for music for the DJ to play at my reception when I happened to fine The O'Neill Brothers. Beautiful music, a lot of my favorite songs, and songs that I could just relax to. I ordered three CD's and I plan on using them all on my wedding day! My bridesmaids will walk to Canon in D from this CD. I will also use "A Day to Remember II" Bridal Chorus to walk with my Mom and Dad. My fiance and I are not the type of people to make impulse purchases, but these CDs changed that. We are very pleased!" – Jenn, Dickson City, PA

"I just love A Day to Remember. I am using it for all of my wedding ceremony music. It is wonderful! One great CD for all my wedding music needs. And it's affordable too. I live in Newfoundland, Canada and even with the exchange rate and shipping it was still a great price. Thanks so much." – Krista, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

"I literally played the CD every single day since I received it in the mail. I purchased A Day to Remember because my husband and I were renewing our wedding vows after 10 years. We used it as the music to the ceremony and everyone loved it. I play it at work on my computer and everyone wants to borrow it. I am very happy with the CD and look forward to more selections!" – Debra, New Britain, CT

"We chose A Day To Remember for the music to be used during our daughter's wedding ceremony on June 25th. It was absolutely perfect! Everyone loved it and many of our guests commented on how beautiful the music was! Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us! We gave the CD to our daughter and husband as a memento of their wedding day...however, I really should have purchased TWO CDs because I loved listening to this music in my office!" – Jane, Prescott Valley, AZ

"I hunted high and low for something like this cd I think it is spectacular. I cried when I listened to it. I have chose the song From this Moment to be played when I walk down the aisle. Thanks so much - it is an amazing cd you have created you are going to make my wedding complete." – Sarah, England

"Beautiful music, we are having our 25th anniversary in October where we will be renewing our vows and your cd will playing. Thank you so much for your sharing your talents and may God bless you." - Scott

"I got married on June 25th 2005 and my husband and I love piano music. I came across this website and had seen this cd and we used it before our wedding to play for our guests as they came in. Thank you O'Neill Brothers may God bless your talent." – Kim, Lakeland, FL

"The CD arrived at my home on the day we did our rehearsal. Perfect timing! I walked down the aisle to Canon in D and the recessional was done to Ode to Joy. I can't thank you enough for the beautiful pieces you put together on this CD." – Jean, Albuquerque, NM

"This is an amazing, beautiful & very emotional CD. It actually brought me to tears. I had been struggling to decide which CD to buy from various UK websites when I stumbled on the O'Neill Brothers’ site and was really impressed. It was great that i could listen to the tracks online. I instantly fell in love with the music and received the CD within 5 days! I will definitely recommend The O'Neill Brothers to everybody I know who are planning to get married. Almost every track will be played at some point during my big day." – Lisa, Wiltshire, U

"I purchased the CD and music book to use for a wedding. The bride had heard “Reminiscent Joy” before and wanted to use it as her processional. She was ecstatic when I told her that I had obtained the music and would be able to play it for her. I was able to use other music from the album as it is all so suitable. There is a good mix of contemporary and classical. Even the older classical music sounds refreshing when played on a piano or keyboard. Thanks for your assistance in sending me my order so far and so quickly." – David, Wynnum, QLD, Australi

"This CD has become a wonderful resource for brides when they meet with me to choose music for their wedding. I have also given this CD as a shower gift. Just recently my niece was married on an island near Aruba and I had given her this CD. She took it with her and this tape was played for the wedding ceremony. It is so beautiful. I enjoy just playing it for my own enjoyment." – Mary

"We loved this cd. We bought the cd in case of an emergency with our organist. The organist showed up and we ended up only using it for our singer who sang “The Wedding Song”. It is beautiful music and even if you do not use it for the actual wedding, it is worth the money. It has the most beautiful renditions I've heard. We love listening to the music and remembering our big day. Great music!!!" – Kyle & Terri

"An absolutely fabulous CD. I live in the United Kingdom and found your website via the internet. I get married in September and will certainly be using the music particularly Canon in D. Delivery was great, it arrived within 10 days." – Karen, Warrington, England

"The moment I heard your samples on the website I couldn't wait to receive the cd. I listened to it throughout & absolutely loved it. I can't wait to see everyone's reaction when they hear your music in the church. Thank you so much because I know it's going to be a splendid cermony." – Jennifer, County Wexford, Ireland

"With a wedding in less than 10 days and the bride's heart set on walking down the aisle to “Reminiscent Joy” I had no idea how to aquire the music. Your staff went the extra mile patiently walking me through the web pages until I successfully downloaded the sheet music. Thanks!" – Joanie, Portland

"I purchased "A Day to Remember" volume 1 & 2. My new husband and I spent days searching for the right music. Your CD's were the answer. Not only was it perfect for our wedding, our guests had nothing but praise on how beautiful the music was. I thank you for helping to make our wedding day so memorable!" - Kayleen Colvin-Flynn, West Jordan, UT

"My oldest son was married in a park on a lovely day with this music playing in the perfect. I have since bought every single album and listen to them on my walks, at home and at work. I work in a newborn nursery and the babies are almost always calm and quiet when we play your music....and so are the nurses! Thank you for sharing your music with us." – anonymous

"I loved it! I actually bought A Day to Remember II also. They were perfect for all of the songs I needed for my wedding and very wonderful to listen to aside from that day. It's hard to find some of these songs without other instruments and I love to hear the passion and depth you don't always find in other versions. All of my guests believe my wedding was beautiful and part of it was the atmosphere the music gave." – C.B., Sacramento, CA

"Love the CD and the follow up A Day to Remember 2. We had planned on using some of the tracks at the church and the reception, but they are all beautiful and we now plan on using most of the cd rather than just certain songs. We were also pleased with the delivery time and the presentation of the cd's and the sheet music to add to the experience." – Risca, UK

"I came across the O'Neill Brothers website while browsing for music for my wedding day and have to say it has been one of my best finds yet. I purchased "A Day To Remember" and within a few minutes I had it downloaded. I have to say the quality of the music is exceptional, one song however in my eyes stands out among the rest. It is the O'Neill Brothers version of Pachelbels "Canon in D", dare I say I find it better than the original! I can assure you that I will be buying several more albums from the O'Neill Brothers over the next few months. Regardless of the occasion their music is extremely relaxing even after a hard day at work." – Davy, Londonderry

"I have been looking for something other than the tradition, but wonderful, Canon in D to walk down the isle to, something a little different, but still heart felt and beautiful. Thankfully my church will let me bring in outside music for my grand entrance. I am using Reminiscent Joy and walking with my mom, who also felt it was perfect. The sheet music is as close to actually having the O'Neill Brothers there to play it for me! Thank you for your talent." - Therese, Waterford, MI 


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