Songs of Faith

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Songs of Faith CD

Journey with The O'Neill Brothers in song, as they have composed twelve original melodies to accompany truly amazing stories of faith. We enter into the heart of a woman who died and lived to tell about it. A young couple separated by World War II and united in marriage many years later. A teacher who imparted the love of God and politics in a boy who became the world's most recognized political commentator. May these stories and songs reach inside and capture us all in the heart of God. May they each be counted among our many keys to heaven.

  Sheet Music
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  Sheet Music Download 1. On the Other Side - January
    2. Meant to Be - February
  Sheet Music Download 3. A Boy, A Duck and a Prayer - March
  Sheet Music Download 4. The Sand Dollar - April
  Sheet Music Download 5. A Mother's Love - May
  Sheet Music Download 6. Dad - June
  Sheet Music Download 7. GI Joe Dad - July
  Sheet Music Download 8. A Teacher's Gift - August
    9. Perfectly Normal - September
    10. Gift from Heaven - October
  Sheet Music Download 11. Coming Home - November
  Sheet Music Download 12. Most Memorable Christmas - December