Songs of Serenity

This Songs of Serenity 3 CD series was inspired by the thousands of people that have written to us over the years letting us know that our music has offered them peace and comfort during a difficult time in their lives. Their personal stories have convinced us that music has an amazing ability to offer a tangible sense of hope and encouragement for people dealing with the difficulties of life and death. Whether itís coping with the illness of a loved one, or trying to understand a tragedy that doesnít seem to make any sense at all, people remind us time and again about musicís power to soothe, heal, and help them get through difficult times.

Our own family has persevered through some of life's worst diseases: our Dad, Robert O'Neill, battled multiple sclerosis for over 35 years. Tim's father-in-law, Mike Vogel, and the entire Vogel family, received wonderful support and care from Hospice, extended family and friends as Mike struggled with cancer.

With these CDs, weíre hoping to let other people experience the healing power of music, while supporting very worthwhile organizations. The majority of proceeds from this CD will benefit the MS Society, the National Hospice Foundation and other wonderful charity organizations.

If you know of someone that might be touched by this peaceful piano music, please visit and learn how to get them a free copy.

May God continue to bless you and your family's journey through life.

Tim & Ryan

The O'Neill Brothers

Songs of Serenity: Inspirational Music
This collection of well-known instrumental melodies will help you find comfort and strength. Recorded in The OíNeill Brothersí relaxing piano style, these moving melodies will uplift your soul and motivate you to face lifeís challenges.

Songs of Serenity: A Spiritual Renewal
This collection of soothing piano music will inspire hope and peace, will uplift your spirit and renew your soul. These beautiful songs remind us to be thankful for each of lifeís blessings.

Songs of Serenity: Quiet Time
Evoking calm and comfort, this collection of familiar favorites and OíNeill Brothersí originals will provide an abundance of peace and tranquility. This soothing, meditative piano music is designed to help you relax and find inner peace when you need it most.