A Classical Touch

A Classical Touch CD

Kathy Keane adds a "classical touch" to the O'Neill Brothers' easy listening piano albums.




"I have one word to describe this CD... brilliant! I have never felt so emotionally embraced by music before. A complete and utter masterpiece. Bravo!!!!" - Dot; State Unknown

"I am very pleased with the CD - Kathy Keane is a wonderful pianist. I especially like "Rhapsody in Blue" by Gershwin. - Robert, Gilbert, AZ
"I love to have the CD playing in the background while I am working. I am not a big classical music fan, but love this CD. I met Kathy in St. Cloud, was impressed with her music and bought several of her CDs - A Classical Touch for me and others as gifts." Tim - Bismarck, ND

"This CD is great it helps me to focus on my work even when I am stressed it help to calm me if you are looking for something to help you relax then this CD is for you so go on and buy it I guaranty you will love it " - Anonymous

"It's an excellent CD. I'm learning to play a couple of the selections on this CD. It's been very helpful to know how they should be played by a professional. Thank you." - Clara, Edgewood, NM