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    Up for Review: Spotlight on Classic Music for Kids


    September 1999

    The O'Neill Brothers were inspired by their sister's day care charges to put together a relaxing combination of familiar tunes played on classical keyboards in their latest relese, "Sweet Dreams."

    Classics here can be defined as those enduring songs of childhood from an era, and with Tim and Ryan O'Neill on the grand pianos, even "A Tisket a Tasket" is a thing of beauty.

    For little children, the changing music with the piano constant is both lulling and stimulating.

    For older children, the tunes become accompaniment for the traditional words that go with these old favorites.

    “Sweet Dreams” and other O’Neill Brothers CDs are available at J.C. Penney in Anchorage. For more information, people may call (888) 9-ONEILL or visit