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    Shamrock-n-Roll continues growth with New Location


    New Prague Times

    October 1999


    It's a busy time for Shamrock-n-Roll. The business is settling into a new area and, like any other group that is relocating, there are still some odds and ends to take care of.

    Started by Tim O'Neill, the business was originally know as Music by Tim where he would play at weddings, Schumachers and give piano lessons. That was in 1994, the same year O'Neill graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in Marketing. It was in 1997 that he incorporated the business and gave it a new name. That same year O'Neill's younger brother, Ryan, graduated from Notre Dame and they began playing as the O'Neill Brothers. Since the name change the business has changed in other ways. The recent move to the new spot at 504 Sixth Ave. NW Suite 2 (the same building that has the Center for Rehab and Fitness) was made from the basement of O'Neill's house in Bloomington.

    "We outgrew the basement," explains O'Neill.

    The other change is that his other brother Dan has joined the business to be its manager. Before joining his brothers Dan had a position with IDS.

    Made up of 10 employees the business sells CDs of O'Neill Brothers, finds places for them to play and also do benefit concerts.

    One of the customers for the O'Neill Brothers music is JCPenney. Back when Tim was first starting the business he would play at JCPenneys in the Twin Cities area. Since then the O'Neill Brothers have become well known for playing their music at the chain of stores.

    The also distribute their music through the stores. Tim said that they have music in 150 JCPenney stores in 30 different states.

    "We just got a call yesterday from Honolulu," said Tim, adding that they area also looking for other outlets.

    Just recently the O'Neill Brothers celebrated the selling of their 250,000 CD with a cruise on the St. Croix. Tim said that when their CD sales reach one million they plan to do something big. He said that it could be a cruise to Ireland, but then adds that he doesn't really know what they will do.