Reviews for the CD "A Notre Dame Experience"

"I started my college application process with very high levels of stress. I was applying to Notre Dame - it was the only school I wanted to attend. Throughout those few high-tension months, I found comfort in listening to your CD "A Notre Dame Experience". Whenever I felt overwhelmed, I would listen to these songs and would be at peace. I truly believe that your CD got me through the application process. Now, I'm looking forward to starting college as a member of the class of 2010. Whenever "Rudy" pops up on my iPod, I always listen and think of how lucky I am to be part of such a wonderful family, the Notre Dame family. Thank you for making such wonderful music." - Kathleen M. - Class of 2010

"The "Rudy" track brought tears (of joy) as I wondered the store. I had to have this CD and recently, purchased two more copies to share with my family. I listen to this CD at home, in the car, and on our sailboat. Please continue your music.-" Susan, Marblehead, MA

  "I bought this CD at the Notre Dame bookstore this past Sunday when I brought our twin daughters, Erica and Alison, back to ND after Christmas break. It was after the trip to the Grotto where we lit a candle for another wonderful semester for both and a candle for Grandpa ('27) for continued health. I put in the CD and cried all the way home. It was so beautiful and we are so grateful that Notre Dame has meant so much to our family for the past 81 years. Bless you both for your fine work." - Lorna, Aurora, IL

"This music is very touching and is beautifully performed. It brought tears to my eyes." – Elizabeth, Princeton, MA

"We have all of your CDs and love them, but have found that "The Notre Dame Experience" to be our all-time favorite! This is a great gift for anyone who is a fan of Notre Dame. We recommend it to parents, grandparents, future students, and alumni. It truly brings back memories of our visits to the beautiful Notre Dame campus. Thanks---We're looking forward to the next "Notre Dame" CD that you're working on!" - Kathleen and Charles - Sheboygan, WI

"I had a son at Notre Dame. This CD is a pleasant memory of those times and brings us back time after time. Thanks!" – Frank, Medford, OR

"A great CD. Received it as a gift with an autographed picture of Coach Ty Willingham. Love to play it while I'm driving. Recommended the CD to my fellow posters on the Blue and Gold Illustrated message board. Go FIGHTING Irish!!" - anonymous


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