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    The O'Neill Brothers' Team

    The O'Neill Brothers' success has been possible with the hard work of many people. To celebrate a great year, The O'Neill Brothers recently hosted a summer party for all of their office staff on the Padelford Riverboat in St Paul, MN.

    Pictured from left to right: Adam Maas- sax player on tour, Kathy Keane- Graphic Design and Concert Planning, Ryan O'Neill, Paula Bonelli- Website Guru, Jen Bellmont- PR and MyWeddingMusic Manager, Belita Vela- Customer Service, Mike Kamish- Sales Manager, Kathy O'Neill- Mom :), Meg Seymour- Office Manager, Jen Silgen- Keeper Of the Books, Tim O'Neill, Karen Schoenecker- Shipping Manager.

    Below are a few pictures from last year's fun 'learn how to cook' Holiday party!

    Chef Jeff' with Jenny Silgen
    (our number crunching Bookkeeper)
    & her husband Pat

    Meg Seymour (office manager = our boss!)
    & Paula Bonelli (website manager = internet guru)

    Adam Maas
    (sax player and the travelin' craft show guy)
    & Mom O'Neill
    (the REAL secret behind all our success!)

    Kathy Keane (concert tour planner and graphic designer)
    & Joan Witty (shipping our CDs all over the world!)
    & Belita Vela (customer her to say hi!)

    Tim & Annie (soon to be our legal counsel!) O'Neill

    Mike Kamish
    (sales manager - wanna buy some fresh caramel?)

    Jen & Brian Bellmont
    (PR - they get us on TV everywhere!)

    Karen Perez (gift shop sales and classy cow girl)
    & our office's very own private chef (we wish)