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    One Million CDs sold

    One Million CD Cruise


    The O’Neill Brothers recently celebrated their one million CD cruise Jan 14-17, 2005 in the Bahamas with many of their family, friends, and dedicated fans.  All three of our winners were present, including John and Kathleen Anderson of Orchard Park, NY, who correctly guessed the date of the millionth CD sold.  Karen Ekholm of Omaha, NE, the golden ticket winner and Barbara Moline of Royal Palm Beach, FL, the essay contest winner, were also with the group.

    The O'Neill Brothers entire family celebrated the Million CD sold milestone - Dad was with us in Spirit :)! (Tim far left, Ryan far right)

    Seventy of our closest family and fans were able to celebrate with us during this memorable weekend.  As a thanks for being on the cruise, each guest received a gift bag filled with special gifts, such as an personalized beach towel from The O’Neill Brothers and a specially autographed The Journey CD with both Tim and Ryan O’Neill’s signatures and personalized message.

    We thank all of our fans for their support in reaching their one millionth CD sold.  We received more than 300 letters in our PO Box and the online submission form from fans about how the music has affected their lives . It was so difficult to choose a winning essay, because all of them were poignant.  We have compiled 20 stories that really touched our hearts at this link here.  By hearing these stories, we are inspired to continue to share the gift of music for many years to come.