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    The O'Neill Brothers' Affiliate Program

    How Referral Fees are Earned and Paid

    When you provide links from your website to our site, we pay you 15% of each order that your customer places on our website. This is called a "referral fee". We will pay you once quarterly and you can check how many visitors you have attracted to our site, and how many of them ordered. We provide a web page for you to view these real-time statistics as often as you like.

    The O'Neill Brothers' website currently generates approximately 40-50 orders per day. Many of these orders are from people who have never heard the O'Neill Brothers' music before. We have the music playing in the background of each page of our site, and when people hear the easy-listening music, they are compelled to buy! Customers can listen to song samples before they buy. The O'Neill Brothers' secure order form makes it easy for them to order online.

    Using advanced software, we track customers linking from your site to ours. Income is earned on a quarterly basis and is paid 5 weeks after each quarter-end. We encourage all affiliates to have a PayPal account to receive your referral fees. It's the fastest, easiest way to get paid!*

    Quarter 1

    Jan - Mar

    Paid first week of April

    Quarter 2

    Apr - Jun

    Paid first week of July

    Quarter 3

    Jul - Sep

    Paid first week of October

    Quarter 4

    Oct - Dec

    Paid first week of January

    Your account must meet the minimum amount for a check to be issued. Minimum amount is $10.00.

    There is NO minimum amount required for PayPal payments.

    *NOTE: If you are outside the US, you MUST have a PayPal account when you sign up as an affiliate in order to receive referrals fees from The O'Neill Brothers' Affiliate Program.

    Don't have a PayPal account? Sign up here:

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