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    The O'Neill Brothers' Affiliate Program

    How The Program Works

    The O'Neill Brothers' Affiliate Program is free and simple to join. You can quickly generate an ongoing stream of income for your website. After completing the affiliate application form, you simply place a banner link, text link, or music player at your website and we reward you by paying 15% of every order that your customers make through

    PLEASE NOTE: To devote our attention to active affiliates, we do not accept affiliate partnerships with sites under construction.

    3 ways to Link to Us
    1) Use our music player to play background music player at your site
    2) Place a banner link at your site
    3) Place a text link at your site

    Background Music Our music player allows your site to play beautiful background piano music for your customers to enjoy.  The play has an on/off option so if a customer prefers, the music may be turned off. As well as enhancing your customers' experience at your site, the music player allows a link to

    Banner / Text Links are only links and do not play music. Your customer will link to where they can listen to song samples from all of our CDs.

    Link Placement You may place these O'Neill Brothers' links in any location on your website keeping in mind the most visible location is your home page. The more visible the link, the more income for your site. You may use multiple links or just one; the choice is yours.

    We do all the work! Once you sign up and place the link on your webpage, there's nothing more to do. Customers you refer to us can order online using our secure shopping cart. We take the orders, mail the orders, and handle all customer billing, questions, returns, etc. We do all the work and you get 15% of each order generated from your site. There is no risk and no cost to you to become an O'Neill Brothers' Affiliate!

    How and when do I get paid? Using advanced software, we track customers linking from your site to ours. Income is earned and paid on a quarterly basis. Checks are mailed 5 weeks after each quarter-end.

    Fine Print. In order to provide the best possible experience for our active affiliates, any accounts that are inactive for 90 days or more will be deleted. Any earnings under $10.00 will be forfeited. Earnings above $10.00 will be paid provided they are approved and we have current payment information on file.

    We reserve the right to delete any affiliate profiles at any time if we believe they are not legitimate, are using unethical practices to obtain commissions/referrals, or do not fit our customer profile. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PARTNERSHIPS WITH SITES THAT PROMOTE GAMBLING, GAMING, PHARMACEUTICALS, ADULT THEMES, ETC. Basically, your site needs to be family-friendly, by our interpretation. :-)

    Use of our affiliate program in conjunction with any form of spam, rented email lists or anything other than your own opt-in customers who have an established relationship with you, is strictly forbidden.

    Use of our affiliate program or resale of our music and materials in conjunction with eBay or any other auction sites is also strictly forbidden.

    Such use will result in termination of your account and forfeiture of any commissions.

    Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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