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    O'Neill Brothers' Music to be Featured on HBO's Sex & the City

    New Prague Times
    July 1, 2003

    You might have heard Tim and Ryan O'Neill's easy-listening piano music at an arts and crafts show, at one of their holiday concerts, or in nearby gift shops, but you may not have expected to hear it on television ...until now. Clips of The O'Neill Brothers' music aired on HBO's hit television comedy series, Sex and the City, on Sunday, July 6th, 8 pm (CST). See the music credits at:

    The brothers, natives of New Prague, MN, met the show's musical director, Dan Lieberstein, at (believe it or not) an arts and crafts show in upstate New York over Labor Day weekend this past year. They handed him a complimentary CD of their original piano music and thought nothing of it. Two days later, Lieberstein's entertainment lawyer contacted them saying that he loved the music and needed music for a baby shower scene in three days. Tim and Ryan quickly responded by sending him their lullaby CD, Sweet Dreams.

    Since that time, Tim and Ryan have recorded additional clips of music for the show, including sounds for a baby's mobile in a nursery, and cocktail music for an upscale lounge in New York City, where the characters gather. Both clips will air on February 10.

    What is next for these local artists? They have many projects on their minds for this coming year. "We're really thrilled to have our clips chosen to air on the show, considering that he (Lieberstein) receives over 20 CDs a day from various artists," said Tim. "He has already asked us to continue working on music for future clips for next season, and the new sitcom, Ed. We'll try to compose the music that he's looking for!"

    "We're also working on a wedding album this spring that will hopefully be presented to some of the major bridal magazines," said Ryan. "One of our friends, whom we've met on the road, has some great connections. It's just fun to travel and meet so many interesting people!"

    In the past six years, Tim and Ryan O'Neill have sold over 600,000 copies of their 13 albums at shows across the country. They look forward to the upcoming year and the musical possibilities that lie ahead. For more information about their easy-listening solo piano albums, call (952) 758-9300, (888) 966-3455, or visit their website:





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