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    Canon in D Major

    Listen free! Two beautiful versions of
    Pachelbel's Canon in D Major

    Our wedding music is grouped by parts of the wedding ceremony
    making it easy to choose music quickly.

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    Click on any song title to hear a sample of the piece.

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    A Day to Remember Volume I
    A Day to Remember Volume III

    A sheet music book containing Volume I
    arrangements is available here.

    Buy individual sheet music for ADTR Volume III
    CD. Click on sheet music icon by song
    titles above.
    (Sheet Music book coming soon!)

    Here are some wedding music tips from The O'Neill Brothers to help you down the aisle:

    Consider the theme or style of your wedding for help in selecting the type of music you'd like to use and musicians you'd like to have play. Is your setting very classic? Consider a string quartet. Romantic? How about a harp? Traditional? Hire a pianist or organist.

    Use live musicians to keep the wedding moving on time. Live musicians are easily able to adjust the length of pieces of music to accommodate what's happening. If a processional march takes more or less time than it did during rehearsal, live musicians can add or eliminate bars, verses or phrases to make the song end when the procession (or any other part of the ceremony) does.

    Provide the necessary tools. When you've finalized the song list and booked your wedding musicians, don't forget to provide the sheet music for the pieces you've chosen. Work with the contact person at your venue to arrange for a practice session in the space prior to the event.

    Check with the contact person at your venue. Many venues, particularly churches, have rules about the type of music that's allowed. Also, some venues may have a list of pre-approved ceremony musicians from which to choose.

    Bend a friend's ear. Talk to a friend who's recently gotten married about their experiences. Ask for helpful tips about what they did that they liked or what they would've done differently. They may even be able to refer to you musicians, or recommend some song selections.
Wedding Resource Budget tip: Hire musicians who multi-task. Do you want instrumental & vocal music? Select an instrumentalist that can also accompany the vocalist to reduce the number of people involved. On a really tight budget? Hire a pianist or guitarist who can play and sing.

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