Diane Schneider

    We are pleased to introduce harpist, theologian, and Vibration Medicine research doctor Diane Schneider, who contributes beautiful therapeutic harp arrangements to our albums. She was first an attorney for people with developmental disabilities, later a Roman Catholic theology professor. Dr. Schneider has specialized in the use of harp vibrations to reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and other symptoms for patients at Mayo Clinic and elsewhere for 20 years.

    After years in Palliative Medicine and Psychiatry, she now works and tours in the US and Canada to provide therapy for people with drug and alcohol addictions, those in prison, and at end of life. She provides (often free) her CD's, concert-lectures, lessons, and treatments to churches, VA hospitals, and other groups upon request.

    Also see more about her Mayo Clinic study on the effects of harp vibrations at www.harpofhope.com